Academy Prep Center of St. Petersburg + Shorecrest Preparatory School = Happy kids!

eSmart Recycling. May, 2018
Every laptop delivery day has a special place in our hearts because it is usually a day that has been in the works for a while. In this occasion, we had the honor and pleasure to partner with the team of Shorecrest Preparatory School for an on-going “Kids helping Kids” E-Recycling program.

Shorecrest’s commitment to sustainability, community engagement, and social responsibility are exemplary, and one of the main reasons why strong partnerships go hand in hand with measurable results. The goal of the program is to showcase the power of community-driven entrepreneurship and to teach kids how resourcefulness can go a long way in having a positive impact in the community and in the lives of those around us, especially children with limited access to resources.

With the help of the Shorecrest family, and wonderful team members like Dr. Anna Baralt (Director of IT), and Ms. Rachel Barrett (Director of Marketing and Communications) we have set up permanent E-Recycling collection locations across the school to benefit staff, students, and families.

Staying true to our business model, a portion of all of the proceeds from the drive go toward funding tech labs for children. This time, we got a chance to experience first hand the amazing work Academy Prep Center of St.Petersburg has been doing in the community for so many decades. Because of their already on-going partnership with Shorecrest Prep, supporting these incredible folks was a no-brainer.

The results were nothing short of impressive. After almost 5,000 pounds of electronics collected through multiple pickups, we were able to get (15) fully refurbished laptops (Lenovo’s i5 T520’s 2nd and 3rd generation with Original Windows Operating System) into the hands of an incredibly worthy organization.

Academy Prep’s story and approach to education, empowering children and commitment to breaking the cycle of poverty in a sustainable way is inspiring -to say the least- and encouraging. After a visit to the school to do the “official delivery” and being greeted by over 100 smiling faces and the entire leadership of the school, we have informally (but very seriously) set the goal of empowering all 104 kids with technology within the next couple of years.

Stay tuned for the next update!
photo(s) courtesy of Sarah McDonald 
Communications and Marketing Coordinator 
Academy Prep Center of St. Petersburg


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