Season of Giving Sweepstakes – Frontier Communications + Hillsborough County Schools + eSmart Recycling

We have found many times over the years that every time we connect with the community, the impact is much greater if we have multiple stakeholders in the mix. In other words, the more the merrier!

Our E-Recycling drive this past December with Frontier Communications and Hillsborough County Schools was NO EXCEPTION!

The Season of Giving Sweepstakes was an initiative put together by the Leadership of Frontier Communications and Hillsborough County Schools. The goal was to put smiles on the faces of children from HCS and to further the organizational commitment to be environmentally and socially responsible to the community they serve.

The mission: to recycle electronics for a whole month by engaging every parent from the school district to drop off their legacy tech at two Frontier locations in Tampa.

The reward: $15,000 from Frontier Communications!

The results: Amazing! Over 120 entries and more than 700 items recycled! The joint efforts of community and business leaders enabled eSmart Recycling to recycle 3,796 lbs. of electronics from households and businesses that otherwise could have ended up in landfills. In addition and because of how our business model works, we partnered with Hillsborough County Schools to launch a Sustainability Academy at Dowdell Middle school. The Academy will receive 10 brand new TKIBA tablets to kick-start their program, thanks to this initiative and the leadership and social commitment of Frontier Communications and Hillsborough County Schools.

Once again, public and private sector coming together to benefit the community in a tangible and sustainable way.

Find out how you and your organization can positively impact the environment and the lives of children in our communities. Reach out today!

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