Have you had it recently?

I’ve had it a lot. In my personal life mostly. But I never thought it could really happen early in business. Isn’t philanthropy what you do when you hit the 8-figure revenue mark and want to avoid bad press?

Then I met Tony Selvaggio and the eSmart Recycling crew. On my second visit contemplating the partnership, our eyes were watering over some YouTube video showing the reality in the lives of kids struggling in maintaining some of humanity’s most basic rights, including the right to education. That just did it for me. I can buy into that vision.

What if we could empower kids all over the world through technology?
Instantly the world began to open up with the growth opportunities to help local non-profits and organizations in developing countries. People, ideas, and resources have become available at a rapid pace. Business owners started contacting us about the opportunity to sponsor a tech lab. eSmart Initiatives™ was born.

But it didn’t start with me. Tony has been laying the ground work for two solid years now. He has set up all of the right partnerships, created great community awareness (watch his TEDx presentation), has won two local pitch competitions (Key Person of Influence’s Pitch Fest & Hillsborough Business Pitch Competition), and was featured as a Success Story by HBIF.

In the picture: Mexican consul Juan Sabines, Founder of Casa Chiapas Cielo Gomez, and Founder of eSmart Recycling Tony Selvaggio.

So…remember that fuzzy feeling talk? Here’s when it hit me:

Through its eSmart Initiative™, eSmart Recycling deployed a fully equipped computer tech lab for Casa Chiapas on behalf of TechStart, NTP2 and Signs Insight. The cost to Casa Chiapas: zero, zip, zilch, nada. Being able to make a tangible difference in the lives of potentially hundreds of students by providing them with an updated and well performing tech lab: priceless.

All cheesiness aside, the real heroes to this story are TechStart, NTP2 and Signs Insight. Partners like them are responsible for giving children all over the world the opportunity to leave their own digital footprint and to make a global impact through technology.

And to think this is just the beginning…Our whiteboards are already filled with eSmart Initiatives™ we have planned this year, starting in our local community and extending to places like Venezuela, Haiti, Egypt, Guatemala, and Sri Lanka. We identify the need and set up long-term partnerships with non-profit organizations, orphanages and schools. Then, acting as a liaison between socially conscious corporations (Our Partners) and the children in need, we set up a tech lab on your behalf and develop a plan to maintain it. This way kids will have ongoing, longterm benefits of its use.

If you can do business and do good, then why not? That’s what community driven entrepreneurship is all about.

What if making a difference is easier than we all think? What if leaving a sizable legacy behind is right in front of our eyes? What if we could empower kids all over the world through technology? What if we even up the playing field for kids all over the world?… Well, it’s happening.

NOTE: Thank you to our team member Renan for the wonderful article.

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