January 12, 2021
A strong diversity and inclusion strategy can help your organization attract top talent and drive innovative results. In eSmart Recycling, we are proud to be a diverse company.  Here’s how to launch a D&I initiative that works. Diverse and inclusive companies drive innovative results. Yet the tech industry still struggles with diversity and inclusion, often...
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At eSmart Recycling is important for us to keep informed about the people’s policy on sustainability because this is an essential basis in our work. These are the outcomes of the Tampa Sustainability and Resilience Advisory Team meeting. “There has been a pattern over the years, when you have an absence of federal leadership or...
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Ample illustrations of the digital divide in learning were put forward by the OECD. The Roundtable’s illustrations of the digital divide show that there is no single, clearly-defined divide, but rather a series of gaps, brought about by a variety of factors, many of which do not have their roots in the technology itself. Perhaps...
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