January 27, 2021
For us at eSmart Recycling it is important to be at the forefront of business and entrepreneurship in the Florida area, this is why we love what is happening in Orlando and our Florida ecosystem. As Orlando’s technology industry continues to grow, area executives see opportunities to add to that success. The metro area is...
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Think about this scenario: You just upgraded the computers in your organization, changed your workstations and invested some capital in new laptops, and downsized your IT resources, and moved a big part of your back office to the cloud.  Now, you have a room full of recently upgraded equipment, and God knows how many exabytes...
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For eSmart Recycling, education is one of our main pillars, that is why our mission is aimed at facilitating children’s access to technology, by recycling computers and IT equipment from people and companies. This story from Louis Llovio shines a light on the magnitude of the problem thousands of kids and families are experiencing during...
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