February 2, 2021
Environmental sustainability and the role of business leaders on the stewardship of the planet, has taken a new, more powerful and tangible meaning this year. We are extremely vulnerable, and a global pandemic helped us realize how closely related are our internal processes with our external environment. In this article from the World Economic Forum,...
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Automating education and scaling the infrastructure in which it is delivered is a key pillar to make quality learning available for everybody. Each scenario is different, because each community faces different challenges and different operating obstacles. There is no one-size-fits-all solution. The best we can do is learn from multiple case studies, and recognize certain...
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Access to technology and sustainable education is a fundamental mission for us at eSmart Recycling. As we look forward to a world post-pandemic, a lot of questions arise as to how the delivery of education will look like in the coming years. This information below from the World Economic Forum gives us future scenarios post...
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