February 9, 2021
When eSmart Recycling started deploying computers in partnership with local nonprofits around the world, we quickly realized that access to technology was only one part of the equation. A lot of failed projects such as the one-laptop-per-child, showed us that hardware without a purposeful software will fall flat and will not make the impact we...
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According to UNESCO, there are 262 million children out of school, mostly in low and middle-income countries. And of those who are in school, too many are not learning, according to the World Bank Global Development Report of 2018.  There are many challenges, including a lack of schools, inability to go to school due to...
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For us at eSmart Recycling, it is always exciting to learn about new programs and initiatives happening around the world that are focused on empowering kids and families with access to education. We share the commitment to sustainable education and understand the importance of its development to keep growing as a society. A new, World...
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