February 17, 2021
Data and education until now have been isolated issues, but with the rise of technology and globalization they have more in common now than ever; for us at eSmart Recycling it is important to stay at the forefront of these evolutions in the landscape, that is why we want to share this article from the...
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Technology is advancing rapidly, new schools and new views on teaching are springing up around the world to help prepare the next generation for a rapidly changing employment landscape, here at eSmart Recycling want to be part of this conversation, and we also believe that access to the proper resources is key for our students...
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According to Gordon Brown and the Education Commission, one of the biggest challenges we face as a society is having almost 2 Billion people without the necessary skills to perform specialized jobs needed in the world nowadays. At eSmart Recycling, we believe that proper access to technology is the first step in the process of...
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