Producing great profits, anticipating market changes, and being technologically at the forefront is a tangible dream for any company. However, social changes have changed people’s perspectives, giving way to other types of clients.

Here are 5 ways for a business to be on the crest of the wave in these stormy times.

  1. Positive integration

To be up-to-date, you must be up to date with new technologies, knowing which are the most appropriate for your business.

Blockchain is a traceability and transparency tool that helps companies control production chains, guarantee the origin of commercialized products and the efficiency of the services offered. For its part, Big Data can create opportunities in Human Resources, monitor the supply chain, drive marketing, and generate innovation.

When companies choose to use certain technology, they must think about the common good.

  1. From communication to dialogue

Making your identity known, attracting customers, and engaging with them is part of the mission of any company. Communication is the way to make this possible.

The opening of new social networks, the generalization of live transmission, or the development of virtual reality, has changed the way of communicating, overturning the traditional scheme of companies that everything goes from “top to bottom”.

That’s when we move on to dialogue. Social networks can help us meet the expectations of our customers and with them develop offers that suit both parties. Bilaterally, the company transmits its message and the consumer also transmits his.

We do not need to put aside common communication spaces but transform them into discussion spaces that include conversations with groups of interest to the company.

  1. Adapt your business to all expectations

Consumers now have an interest not only in product innovation but also in the consequences of their consumption. People want to know how it is produced, its impact on health, its influence on society, and even the distribution of its profits.

The most successful modern companies have taken these questions into account when designing their offerings. Transparency of the process, fair prices, and support for vulnerable people are now at the heart of the business.

Statistics show that organic brands, with policies that respect the planet, have grown more than ever. Also, a clear structure of operations will allow the client to buy intelligently.

  1. Center on the authentic

Recent research reveals that consumers prefer brands that convey authenticity because they consider them more trustworthy. The Consumer Content Report indicates that 86% of individuals consider authenticity as a fundamental aspect when buying and that 20% of them stop buying from brands that they consider do not meet this criterion. Errors such as vague information on product labels also alienate potential buyers.

Handling a conversation with your audience that is standardized and superficial does not make lasting connections. You have to give spontaneity a chance and show the reality: What do we do? How do we do it? Why do we do it? Only then do you get true engagement.

  1. Have a purpose

Two out of three consumers prefer to buy from companies that mean something to society and 62% follow those companies that take positions on the environment, race, animal protection, and even politics

The markets are no longer only to generate profits, but must positively impact the world. Even internally, people want work that makes sense and contributes fairly to society.

It is time to tear down what we already knew and start building new leaderships.

Source: https://youmatter.world/fr/5-tendances-entreprise-innovante/

By Carmen María Cermeño
By Carmen María Cermeño

Journalist/ Digital Content Curator


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