Take a look at eSmart Recycling’s story, a quick overview of the process, and see how our partners are responsible for changing the lives of thousands of children through technology.


How it Works

We take care of the logistics, transportation, and heavy lifting, so you don’t have to worry about a thing.

We will let you know everything we collect. Make, model, serial numbers, asset tags of the equipment, you name it and we will get the information for you.

The best way to protect your data and provide peace of mind to your clients is to SHRED the hard drives. That is why we shred in-house every hard drive we get. We do not re-market them or re-sell them.

You will receive certificates of recycling (for your environmental reports) and certificates of data destruction. We can also provide (upon request) an entire downstream and upstream line of communication for the material we processed.

This is where we either provide payment for the equipment we collected, discuss sponsorship opportunities for teach labs that are being set up, and let you know how your equipment is making a difference.



To recognize value where others see trash.


We are able to transform an organization’s legacy equipment, excess inventory and technology surplus into catalysts for change. 


Many organizations have a plan in place to
dispose of their old equipment.
However, most of them fail to recognize the
incredible opportunity that is hidden in that process
to truly maximize its benefit;
one that goes beyond purely the
bottom line and has a positive impact in
the company’s image, culture, metrics, social
and environmental responsibility.


We find creative ways to monetize and generate revenue on most of the inbound material we receive. Afterwards, a large portion goes toward funding technology incubators for children without access to resources in our community – and worldwide.


Each client becomes a partner in these efforts and all of the goodwill, data, impact and visibility is directly and indirectly shared with every stakeholder in the process.


Our partners are considered good environmental stewards and catalysts in making a social and economic impact in the lives of thousands of children across the globe.



Our social and commercial footprint is border-less. Because we have access to secondary markets we are often able to provide services that other domestic service providers cannot. We strive to deliver cost-effective recovery services for your organization’s IT assets, legacy equipment and excess inventory.


We integrate core services and benefits to make the process simple and stress-free for your organization


If you would like more information about our tailored asset management and disposition solutions, contact eSmart Recycling at 813-501-7768 or send us an email in the Contact Form.


All of our equipment deployment to non-profit organizations happens through our eSmart Initiatives™. Each organization is carefully vetted and each deployment is strategically chosen following internal criteria of: scalability, data tracking, leadership and impact.


A lot of our partners are already supporting community organizations and their efforts can easily be channeled to improve on current and ongoing programs.


For more information on how to apply as a community partner, please reach out to us directly through our contact form.


Together, we are part of a social revolution. Whether it is called Blended Value, Conscious Capitalism, Impact Investing, or Shared Value, the same idea resonates throughout all of these names. Simply put, we believe in Community Driven Entrepreneurship.

With the help of our partners we are making a sustainable impact in the lives of children throughout the world. This will help to level the playing field for many kids without access to proper 21st century resources and ultimately support ending the cycle of poverty through access to education.

Our eSmart Certification is our way of saying THANK YOU for joining forces with us and for working diligently towards the improvement of our community and communities all over the world.

Please reach out to us directly if you would like to receive a hard copy of the certification and/or digital format to display in your website or marketing materials.



We are only a few clicks away. Please reach out if you have any questions

Phone: 813-501-7768