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Redefining IT Asset Disposition and Management.

Our goal

To help people and companies that are committed to doing their part to make the world a better place, manage and dispose of their technology in an easy, secure, sustainable, and impactful way.

Recycle and manage your legacy technology the "Smart Way".

Protect your data with the highest standards of data security and destruction.

Engage with your shareholders and stakeholders through sustainable and impactful programs.

Know exactly how you are making a difference in the community by working with us.

6.- Deployments and social impact

About 20% of our proceeds go towards funding computers for kids and families worldwide who don't have access to technology in partnership with the Digital Education Foundation.

5.- Partner Report

You'll receive access to your partner portal, where you will see exactly all documentation from each pick-up, such as your audit report, and certificate of data destruction. You will know your environmental footprint.

4.- Assessment

Here's where we find the best ways we have to monetize and generate impact with the material that was picked up.

3.- Data Destruction

We are your last line of defense. Here is when we remove hard drives and other data or media-containing devices and destroy them.

2.- Audit and Inventory

Our robust inventory process takes account of every piece of equipment we collect, and we report it back to you.

1.- Equipment Collection

We take care of all the logistics.

A smart process
you can trust

The turn-key solution
you needed

Hardware and computers connect and disconnect

Equipment storage

On-site shredding services

On site Data Removal

Purchase & Remarketing of IT equipment

Customized reporting & chain of custody process

Corporate E-Recycling Drives

Community Collection Partner opportunities

Consulting and process optimization

Value Assessments

Measurable and tangible
positive impact

We recolect the data, so you will know exactly how much impact your efforts make and your company resounds


According to the E.P.A about 80% of electronics end up in a landfill. Here is your environmental footprint and how much you are helping the environment.


About 30% of our proceeds are used to fund the refurbishment of computers and technology to give to kids and families without access to computers.


On average, a single computer we deploy through our programs reaches 4 people. The total social impact footprint of the efforts is much greater than we think.

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Accepted materials

eSmart Recycling has the license and the ability to handle most scrap metal items

We accept electronics and scrap metal such as:

In a nutshell, if it has a plug, a battery or an ON/OFF switch,

we can recycle it!

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Or call us: 813-501-7768