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eSmart Recycling combines environmental sustainability and social impact metrics which results in a holistic approach to offsetting carbon emissions through recycling technology, both at a corporate and residential level, and the empowerment of local communities by enabling access to technology and education.


We launch the #eSmartWay, and a strong call to action among our partners and communities to join the e-revolution.

We couldn’t be happier to roll out our eSmart Way. Our business philosophy will guide us through many more years to come because its foundation is win-win-win relationships with everybody throughout the supply chain.

We expanded our infrastructure and gained international recognition (fotos y links)

This was a year of growth and expansion. Now in a larger infrastructure and with a strong team and unique value proposition, we were able to work with amazing corporate partners who are committed to supporting the communities where they live and work. We were featured internationally thanks to our consistent hard work and tangible results.

We supported the community through computer deployment efforts of over 500 devices.

The year we experienced we are only as strong as our weakest link. As a community, we stood together to support those in need, and, as always, we worked with private and public sectors to provide technology for kids and families throughout the Bay Area. We formed partnerships that have made us who we are today, and laid the foundation for sustainable growth for years to come.

We keep perfecting the business model and earning the trust of bigger companies.

After a few years of trial and error, we were finally getting the attention of larger companies and organizations throughout the country. Our name, locally, was a synonym of corporate social responsibility, and we were one of the first ones in the area to start talking and also providing solutions to address the digital divide, digital literacy, and access to sustainable education in our communities. We also had the opportunity to set up computer labs in Peru and start the process to expand internationally in an intentional way.

eSmart sets up the first international lab in Venezuela and throughout the Bay Area.

eSmart Recycling’s business model starts to take shape. After being in the spotlight because of the award, now we had the attention of people and businesses who wanted to join in the efforts. We started perfecting our social enterprise model and figured out a way to link each computer pick-up to an opportunity to deploy refurbished computers to nonprofits in the community. We kickstarted our deployment model by installing computer labs in the bay area, including our first-ever lab with Casa Chiapas, and the deployment of computers at Fe y Alegría in Venezuela in partnership with the public and private sectors of the country,

Hillsborough County Pitch Competition Winner - $10,000 to set up e-recycling programs in schools.

Hillsborough County and Economic Development created a call to action for the entrepreneur community at large to compete for a chance at $5,000. We felt it was a perfect opportunity to put our story and our business idea to the test. We made it to the finals and pitched our idea to use the money to create collection points by partnering with schools and local community hubs to create awareness about e-waste and to get everyone on board the mission of recycling computers. Right before they announced the winner, they said that because of the great support the pitch competition had, the sensors had doubled the money, and now it was going to be $10,000. The rest is history.

We know because we stay connected

Our commitment to the process dictates we stay in constant touch with the
commuinities we serve, that is how we know where change is needed

And these are the people we
coulndn´t do without


♥ Favorite Movie: “The Lion King” ◙ Favorite Cuisine: Baleadas ♣ Favorite City: San Pedro Sula Honduras ♣ Favorite hobby: Video-Games

Test Bench Specialist


♥ Favorite Movie: “EThe Shawshank Redemption” ◙ Favorite Cuisine: Burgers ♣ Favorite City: Tampa FL ♣ Favorite Music: Gaitas zuliana

Packing Specialist.


♥ Favorite Book: “Ender’s Game by Orson Scott Card” ◙ Favorite Cuisine: Picanha ♣ Favorite City: Valencia, Venezuela and Tampa FL ♣ Favorite Place: Helen GA

Route Specialist


♥ Favorite Sport: Formula 1 (F1) & Baseball ◙ Favorite Cuisine: Shrimp Fried Rice & Sushi ♣ Favorite City: Maracaibo, Venezuela ♣ Favorite Place: Eagle Beach, Aruba

Warehouse Manager


♥ Favorite Movie: “The Godfather” ♫ Favorite Music: 80’s Music ◙ Favorite Cuisine: Italian ♣ Favorite City: Tampa, FL

e-Commerce Sales Specialist


♥ Favorite Movie: “Back to the future” ♫ Favorite Book: “Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Seas” ◙ Favorite Cuisine: Lasagna ♣ Favorite City: All the cities in the world

SEO & Community Manager


♥ Favorite Video Game: “Diablo 2” ♫ Favorite Song: “Demon Lover” Shocking Blue ◙ Favorite Cuisine: Lasagna ♣ Favorite City: Salt Lake City

Creative Manager


♥ Favorite Movie: “A Cinderella Story” ♫ Favorite Song: “Bohemian Rhapsody” Queen ◙ Favorite Cuisine: Pollo a la Brasa ♣ Favorite city: Madrid – Spain

Partner Manager


♥ Favorite Book: “The Bible” ♫ Favorite Song: “The Proof of Your Love” for King & Country ◙ Favorite Cuisine: Seafood ♣ Favorite Dessert: Chocolate desserts ♦ Favorite Hobby: Hiking

Marketing Manager │Route Manager


♥ Favorite Book: “Built to Last” ♫ Favorite Song: “Matador” Fabulosos Cadillacs ◙ Favorite Cuisine: Latin ♣ Favorite City: Tampa, FL


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