INCLUSION in one, two, three

Comparing the last 12 months with the wildest of battles falls short: the global fight against COVID 19, the Black Lives Matter protests or the US presidential campaign these events, in particular, made the inequality more visible in our world. For our benefit, COVID 19 has transformed the way we do business by opening up … Read more


Producing great profits, anticipating market changes, and being technologically at the forefront is a tangible dream for any company. However, social changes have changed people’s perspectives, giving way to other types of clients. Here are 5 ways for a business to be on the crest of the wave in these stormy times. Positive integration To … Read more

Social intelligence will revolutionize education. Here’s how

At eSmart Recycling we are committed to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, especially Goal #4: To deliver universal quality education, that is why we share this article from the World Economic Forum and their valuable insight to accomplish this important goal as we continue to evolve as a society: $39 billion. That’s the additional … Read more

How to solve the Skills Gap

According to Gordon Brown, former prime minister of the UK and the Education Commission, 900 million of the world’s 1.4 billion children reach adulthood un- or under-educated. One of the biggest reasons why this is happening is because of the lack of access to proper resources and infrastructure worldwide. As a company, eSmart Recycling is … Read more

How to keep your child safe online -in the middle of a world pandemic-

The world of the internet is big and complex; this pandemic has made children rely on and be exposed to the internet for much longer, which increases the risk of them coming across something not suitable for them, here at eSmart Recycling, we found this great article from Unicef and thought it would be great … Read more

Supporting teachers so they can teach

When talking about education, attention is generally focused on those who receive it, on the students, but a fundamental part of education is those who teach it, the facilitators, and the tools needed for a successful delivery. Here, at eSmart Recycling, we are committed to leveraging our business as a positive force to empower all … Read more

Innovating to learn

The scope of education has always been a matter of concern for international organizations, that is why one of the objectives of the millennium is to close the education gap that exists in some countries, and for that it is important to innovate the methods of educating, this resonates a lot with us at eSmart … Read more

The Roaring Twenties: Educating the COVID-19 generation

Covid 19 has left us with more questions than answers as we try to move forward as a society. This insight from Liesbet Steer from the Education Commission shines a light at how we see ourselves adapting and evolving from an education standpoint to the world post Covid 19 “One hundred years ago the world … Read more

Is education ready for Big Data?

Data and education until now have been isolated issues, but with the rise of technology and globalization they have more in common now than ever; for us at eSmart Recycling it is important to stay at the forefront of these evolutions in the landscape, that is why we want to share this article from the … Read more


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