Something blue, something new

In the frame of World Oceans Day, Nat Geo cartographers informed that the fastest current which surrounds the Antarctic makes the waters different and because of this, they deserve their own special label: The new Southern Ocean. For those who know the Southern Ocean, know the body of its water is unique. “Anyone who has … Read more

US Calls to WEF for the Inclusive Growth in Central America

World Economic Forum Founder and Executive Chairman Klaus Schwab held a virtual conference with the Vice-President of the United States, Kamala Harris, and big executives about how to promote sustainable economic development and better opportunities for the countries of Central America. The encounter was done at the end of May, in the frame of the … Read more

Balancing act: How to lead remote work and life

Digital platforms of opinion such as YouGov and Miro surveyed about 1000 people and they asked how they feel about this new remote -and sometimes unsteady- work environment. The questions were about wellness, engagement, and relationships. Their answers gave us a look at what the post-pandemic world will be like. Learned benefits of remote work … Read more

Inclusion and Digital Innovation: How to conquer them in 3 steps

A decade ago, the American developer Joe Devon published a blog in which he pointed out the need to incorporate digital accessibility and proposed the Global Accessibility Awareness Day. His proposal was accepted and that is why we annually celebrate it on the third Thursday of every May. People with disabilities are the most minority … Read more

UNESCO: Environmental education must be in the school curriculum by 2025

A group of 80 ministers and more than 1,500 environmental educators met in Berlin to make a formal commitment to change the learning system for the health of our planet. Through an online conference, the specialists adopted the Berlin Declaration on Education for Sustainable Development. The event, coordinated by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and … Read more

Distance engagement: 11 steps to achieve it

Our world is rapidly moving from physical spaces to online spaces. Things will not be the same as before and companies are looking to adapt to the reality that remote work has become. Although working from a distance can dramatically improve the productivity of a business, doing so comes with many challenges. Effective communication, management … Read more

How can governments deliver on Sustainable Development?

COVID 19 has hit the global economy so hard that it has thrown more than 100 million people into extreme poverty. Given this, the most recent study by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) has proposed a framework for developing countries to evaluate policies that can accelerate their long-term growth and thus mobilize a greater amount … Read more

E-Recycling is a matter of national security

Recovering e-waste treasures should be a law in Europe according to the latest report published by the CEWASTE resilient economy project. The document indicates that this has become a matter of national security and that only under a legal framework can the competitiveness of the industrial sector be guaranteed and maintain a lifestyle that only … Read more


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