Hybrid work, the new reality for more Americans

Hybrid work

As some aspects of our lives are resetting, spaces that used to be everyday for us are now accommodating to the new reality to welcome us back. One example is the work environment in the United States, where businesses and companies are adjusting to hybrid work. Some people are already returning to the office, but … Read more

Planet Biodiversity is at risk by climate change

A third of the world’s fauna will be extinct if greenhouse gas emissions are not controlled. This alarming fact was published by the Biological Conservation Magazine, which ensures that the native animals of 273 areas of high biodiversity are the most vulnerable to climate change. The research carried out by an outstanding group of scientists … Read more

Air Pollution: The Invisible Killer

The arrival of COVID 19 has torn the world apart and the high air pollution does not make it easier. Areas with dirty air weaken the immune system and inflame the airways of its citizens, leaving them without resources to fight a virus as deadly as this. Francesca Dominici, Professor of Biostatistics at Harvard knows … Read more

Sustainable work behavior

Sustainability must be genuine to have an environmental impact, and creating a positive environment is proof that it can be done. The governments of the world are already creating initiatives such as net-zero and carbon reduction policies, as a sign of the effort to limit the environmental damage that we are suffering. Organizations like Oatly … Read more

Sustainability practices in your daily life

Earth Day might be over, but what we can do for our planet never stops.  Here are 6 quick and easy ways for you to practice sustainability in your day to day live: 1) Subtract Purchases The best thing for the planet and the pocket is to buy less. There are many things in our … Read more

How to rebuild for the Post pandemic world?

COVID 19 changed the way everything worked. The bosses were kept safe in the offices and the workers were sent home. Remote work became the new thing and companies tried to idealize it to add employees to this new concept. The nature of any job is: change. Some people will need to move closer to … Read more

A just world needs fairer tech

In the next 10 years, a wave of technological solutions will revolutionize every part of our lives, either to address our existing problems or in the worst case to exacerbate them. As a world, we face challenges related to man and the planet. Innovation is vital to solving these problems. For example, in Rwanda, Africa, … Read more


Last Monday the South Korean electronics company LG (known in its beginnings as Lucky-Goldstar) announced the definitive closure of its division for smartphones. Although in its time LG became the 3rd cell phone manufacturer on the planet, the financial difficulties faced in the last 8 years have led them to make this decision. At the … Read more


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