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Looking to implement sustainable initiatives within your organization? Whether it’s a one-day, one-week, or one-month event, partner with us at no cost! We will provide all the resources you need for a successful E-Recycling event.

Community Collection
Partner Program

Help us expand our reach! Partner with us at no cost to provide local drop-off points for recycling, making it accessible for individuals in your area while creating a powerful impact in our communities. We’ll assist you with all the resources needed for a successful implementation.

Corporate Collection
Partner Program

Tailored for businesses looking to make a significant impact. Partner with us to facilitate large-scale e-recycling initiatives within your company, ensuring secure disposal and a sustainable work culture, while contributing to educational opportunities for underserved communities. This program is currently being offered at no cost for a limited time.

Additional services

We are here to support your organization through customized white-glove tailored services that fit your technical internal needs and processes.

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Corporate Collection Partner Program
Equipment storage
Hardware and computers connect and disconnect
On-site shredding services
On-site data removal
Purchase & Remarketing of IT equipment
Customized reporting & chain of custody process
Value Assessments
Consulting and process optimization

Additional services

Following the eSmart way, we create a sustainable future by being good stewards of the earth and society.

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